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Resident Meal Plans


#1 FLEXIBILITY – Students, staff, faculty, and entire community only pay for what they choose.
#2 INCLUSION – No barriers; open to entire campus & community use.
#3 REDUCES WASTE – Promotes significant momentum in waste reduction within the retail environment.
#4 GO! – Take it go; eat outside with friends, bring it back to your study group.
#5 COMMUNITY PRICING – Pricing is in line with eateries in the community that students enjoy. Students learn to budget their meal plans expenditures in a way that will be useful to them when they strike out on their own.

Letter to the Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As classes begin at Whitman College, Bon Appétit Management Company recognizes that many students will be filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety as they return to campus. After a long period of being separated from friends and “normal life,” the need for connection and comfort is strong. We believe that food has an important role to play in building culture and community on campus. As the dining services provider at Whitman, it’s our job to ensure each student feels welcome and safe when they dine with us, and that they receive delicious meals that meet their dietary needs.

Our chefs will be cooking from scratch, using fresh local and seasonal ingredients that meet industry-leading sustainability standards and, as always, we are offering free online wellness resources to support students’ health and well-being. In addition, your student will continue to find abundant plant-forward, vegetarian, and vegan options as well as ones that are made without gluten-containing ingredients every day. We’re happy to work with any students with food allergies or other dietary restrictions to make sure everyone can enjoy plenty of delicious food, safely, with us. All of our chefs and managers receive FARE-certified food allergen awareness training and pass that training on to our hourly employees through dedicated bi-annual training and daily reminders — keeping allergies top of mind. Our team will foster individual communication with students with food allergies, in line with best practices outlined in the FARE restaurant guidelines.

As information about coronavirus variants continues to emerge, our corporate safety team is  monitoring recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), updating our guidance as needed, and regularly communicating with our on-site team to ensure that we are implementing appropriate sanitation and service measures.

As always, we welcome any questions or feedback from concerned parents and guardians.


Shannon Null, General Manager, 206-501-1341  [email protected]

Jon Sodini, Executive Chef, 650-575-5481  [email protected]

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We strive to make your student's experience with us as enjoyable as possible. Our cafe managers are available to address immediate concerns or questions, however, we welcome your comments and suggestions.